Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year people. You’ve got better things to do than read a post from me (and I’ve got carrot bliss balls to make) so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Actually, this cool wee graphic I found on Peace Love Nutrition, a yoga blog, kind of sums it up. Not that I do yoga and, ironically, it was something that I was going to do as part of my 2014 resolutions that never quite got off the ground. It is something I want to want to do if you know what I mean? I kind of want to do it, but clearly not enough to prioritise it. Like gardening. I want to want to do it – but haven’t reached that point where I would happily potter away in the garden for a few hours. Of course, it helps to have a garden to do that in, and that’s something else I could work on. Anyway. This post isn’t going to be about all of the things I was going to achieve in 2014 (aka the fastest year ever). It’s about how to approach 2015 in a way that makes you even more awesome than you already are in as few a words as possible. Happy New Year 🙂

Great graphic, Peace Love Nutrition

Great graphic, Peace Love Nutrition

*unsurprisingly (given how verbose I am) this did end up being quite a lot longer, and I ended up deleting about 700 words. You haven’t missed much – in fact I’ve saved you from quite a bit of reflection and musings as to what 2014 brought with it, and what’s in store for 2015. You’re welcome.

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