Entering the blogosphere…

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages. Well about four months anyway. I’ve been agonizing over so many different aspects of it (what template to use/what photo to put up/what to write…) that if I don’t just bite the bullet and start, it’s never going to happen. So here goes…..

Those who know me will know I’m a social media girl. Love it. According to some, Facebook is not cool. I totally disagree – I love Facebook. I have my colleague Nigel Harris to blame for my recent foray into Twitter (addictive). However, I don’t really get Linkedin. I’m sure that will come.

The reason why I’m blogging in the first place is because I want to educate on health, nutrition and wellbeing where I can, and share ideas about food. This requires more space than a status update (of appropriate length) can provide. And, obviously, 140 characters in a tweet just doesn’t cut it. Everyone else is doing it, so I figure, why not? (No, I wouldn’t jump off a cliff just because everybody else did; I’m not an idiot).

A few points about me that will give insight into what my blog will be all about:

1. I’m a registered nutritionist, and love working with people to help them make better food choices that fit in with their tastes, lifestyle, training, budget etc. I’ve had a recent shift in nutrition philosophy, and my view of food and ‘health’ has changed in the last six months. And I love it. My food philosophy? Real food. I’ll share with you later as to why I’ve made the shift from ‘everything in moderation’ to the place I’m in now. But basically, where I sit in this space is: Just Eat Real Food. And what do I think of as real food? Anything that is naturally occurring, fresh, and doesn’t require 18 different ingredients so that it is still ‘good to eat’ next month. I’m a newbie in this space (those who know me will know this!) and I am learning all the time; I want to share this learning with as many people as possible. My gut instinct is that, if you choose to eat as natural as possible, how can it be bad for you?

2. A blog is a cool way to share more information with clients, friends and family who ask for it. It’s also a great platform for others I’ve helped to share their stories. Of course, just giving someone information doesn’t mean they will act on it. I’ve worked with heaps of people before (over and over again in some cases) and they haven’t changed their diets. I wouldn’t post names on this blog (as if!) – but if you’re interested, I’ve posted a list here.

3. I’m a runner, and I LOVE running – it’s a big part of who I am. One thing I’ve learnt over the years of running and consulting with other endurance athletes is that, when it comes to nutrition, there is theory and then there is practice. This is a good opportunity to share some information on fuelling that you might not otherwise see in sports nutrition guidelines and textbooks.

4. I’m a foodie. However, I’m a novice cook. So when I post recipes or meal ideas, the focus will be on fresh, whole food, minimally processed and taking very little time to prepare. It won’t take a lot of skill (I don’t have much) and any picture I take will not look like it’s been lifted from the Cuisine magazine (there’s only so much Instagram can do). However, a recent kitchen renovation has unleashed a cook in me I didn’t know existed and I’m rolling with it. Too often people think it’s too hard / too time consuming to cook a tasty meal that just happens to be healthy. I want to show people it’s not. Seriously, if I can do it – anyone can.

5. I love fashion. There’s nothing I love more than an Instyle Magazine. However, I am not very fashionable. Okay, kind of off topic, but I tend to do that!

6. Although I’m an academic, this won’t be a scientific, evidence-based, peer-reviewed account of my critique of evidence. There are people out there who do that WAY better than I ever could (for example, see the “blogs I follow” link if that’s your sort of thing). However, don’t go thinking I’ll just make random statements about health and nutrition without evidence qualifying my position (where necessary) either.

So, selfishly, I’m doing this blog because I want to; the aforementioned is just work. I want this to be fun.

And, as nothing says fun like a new idea for your weekday lunch, I whipped up a version of Egg Foo Yung in the weekend. A combination of this recipe from Carrie Brown’s blog (she’s got some GREAT recipes) and this from Well Fed. A nice mix of Asian flavours, super easy to put together, and a good source of protein to keep you on form for the afternoon.

Egg Foo Yung (6 serves)
• Large grated carrot
• 150g bean sprouts
• ½ red pepper, chopped
• 3 spring onions chopped
• 4 tbsp coconut aminos* (or tamarind/soy sauce)
• 4 tbsp mirin (optional)
• 2tsp sesame oil
• 125g cooked chicken, diced
• 1 tsp ground white pepper
• 10 eggs, beaten well
1. Roughly chop the bean sprouts to shorten them to fit in an oiled muffin pan.
2. Place all the vegetables in a bowl and stir well.
3. Add the coconut aminos, mirin, sesame oil, and white pepper and mix together.
4. Add the beaten eggs and stir until vegetables are evenly distributed.
5. Using a ½ cup, spoon the mixture evenly into the muffin pan.
6. Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes, until they are very puffy and just starting to brown.
Remove them from the muffin pan and allow to cool on a wire rack to prevent them sweating. Yum!

Egg Foo Yung

Egg Foo Yung